Session 1

Call of Cthulhu

Session #1 – Arrival in Thornhaven

Begin Date: Mid-October

            Jacob enters Thornhaven on a clear day to find an old town where everyone is dressed in old fashioned clothing. Wearing old pastels and the like. When strolling through town after parking in the center of town, nobody seems to turn their eyes towards him. A child pointed towards him, to which her mother wagged her finger before the two strolled on. He stopped into a sandwich shop to grab a quick bite. After grabbing some grub, he headed over to the local inn to check in, wanting to get everything set up for evening when it arrives. On his way to the inn, he believes that he saw his friends car driving around a bend in the city center. Although he was unable to identify the license plate, though the look of the car was too suspicious to let up. After checking in at the local, nearly abandoned inn where he met the old caretaker. Deciding he did not want to bring any attention to himself, he decides to call it an early night.

            Owen slept in his car just outside Thornhaven the previous night before arriving, and in the morning, he arrived cranking it out to the Scooby Doo theme song. Wearing his breeze overalls because the heat from his clunky van is completely unbearable. Owen tosses on a light jacket before parking in front of the hotel to head to the diner. Jacob hears someone blasting cartoon music early in the morning as he was about to leave the hotel in the morning. Owen heads over to the diner to grab some grub. Upon seeing this, Jacob is intrigued by this other out of towner and takes a shower to make himself presentable before heading over to the diner to introduce himself to the young kid. Owen devours the sandwich with plenty of unsettling mmm’s  and ahh’s before guzzling down his coke. When Jacob turned to introduce himself, Owen answered with a mouthful of food, saying that his boss didn’t give him money for food.

            After some polite conversation, Jacob admits that he came here to find a lost friend of this, which intrigues Owen greatly. Owen agrees that this place is weird, and goes into detail about his crazy boss sent him here to Thornhaven on an assignment. Before they go over all the details, the two decide to talk someplace private. Before they could discuss it further, Owen bolted towards the door, leaving Jacob with the bill to hide behind a post outside as he did not like the way the waitress looked at him. Jacob paid the bill and begrudgingly brought up the topic to which Owen replied that he thought that the two were on the same wavelength and that paying for his meal was a kind of down payment for his help. Talking outside, Owen reveals that he works for a prestigious paper, which Jacob starts to guess all the major papers. Owen says that its not a major news-paper, to which Jacob has a hissy fit saying “That’s a local newspaper! That’s not major!”

            Before getting into any more detail about Owen’s work, the two head over to the hotel as Jacob decided that this conversation was just wasting time. Owen decided to get a room at the hotel, and perkily rung the bell for service where the odd old man came out to serve. This old man even forgot that he already had room 1 checked out. Before Owen could lift his eyes of the key numbered #2, the door already closed, which caused him to question the old mans speed and flexibility.

            Jacob pulls him to the side after he exits the inns check-in office to discuss the details of why they are both here in this creepy little town (That does not have any phones! Things are looking bad!). Jacob admits that his friend who has gone missing was a big study of the occult like elements in small town America, to which Owen’s eyes grow big as balloons as he exhales, “Interesting!”. Owen sifts through the documents Jacob allows him to peruse. Three quarters fo the way through everything seems pretty normal, but after that, Owen notices a lot of notes in the margins relating to some kind of weird dream it seemed professor Ian mentioned. After skimming through these last pages, Owen starts to develop a headache as the words start to jumble his mind about (This seems kinda supernatural! Oh man do I wish they had a phone! Owen will always regret that he never took pictures of this book.). Jacob started to pry about what Owen actually does for a living, to which Owen responds in vague near answers “We investigate things that stand out, go from place to place.” (Someone is being evasive, Owen clearly does not think he is credible.). Jacob came right out and asked “You work for a tabloid don’t you?” He questions in a snobbish tone. Though after some blunt criticism of Owens profession, Jacob admits that Owen is the only one who could help him out. They agree to scout out the area and assist each other to discover whatever weird is going on here in this odd little town.

            They go to Owens car, which is a hunk of junk that Jacob absolutely adores at first sight. After bashing open both of the doors, Jacob crawls in and as the two talk, Jacob hears a slight squeak and inquires what the sound its. Owen says he has a rat, named Scoobert Doobert. Hearing this name, Jacob facepalms and says, “Fine, okay.” In the most passive aggressive manner. When Owen finally gets his car started, he punches it, pulling out of the inn’s parking lot and start driving around town. Owen does some weird shit while driving, though never actually breaks the law. (He drives like he’s from Florida).

            While out on the road, they discover a car that is pulled over to the side of the road, with its hazard lights flashing. Being good Samaritans, the two decide to investigate. Jacob bashes open the ridiculous car door before exiting the vehicle and getting mud all over his nice shoes. The car on the road is sunken down in some mud and looks stuck, and after looking about there is no one around but the keys are still in the ignition. On one of the suitcases in the car, Jacob noticed the initials T.J. Owen searches the area for footprints to which he finds some, but they lead to more solid ground and thus ends the potential lead. The two discuss following the lead into the grassy forest ahead, but decide not too, Owen specifically says “My life detector meters tells me no.” To which Jacob gets really confused.

            At this point, Cornelia comes barreling down the road, blasting the Bee Gees and jamming out. After many long days on the road, she pulls over to see what’s going on. They tell her that they are investigating the car trying to figure out what was going on. Cornelia offers to drive Jacob back to town, but not before the two had to help Owen get his car free from the mud that he parked in himself just like T.J.s car. It is now Monday night.

            Checking into the hotel, Cornelia finds her room to be something out of a nightmare, filled with cobwebs and layers and layers of dust. Seeing this, she asks Owen if she could use his bathroom as she has not had a good shower in days. Owen, hearing the room is nightmarish, decides to investigate, and then randomly clean it for some reason. While he does this, Cornelia is showering while Jacob and Owen talk outside about Owen’s knack for cleaning. Jacob enters the room and gets covered in dust along with Owen, when he inquires why Owen is doing this and why he is not using real cleaning equipment. Owen then says that this is just step one to his cleaning extravaganza, and that he has cleaning supplies in the car. Jacob then asks “You have cleaning supplies in the car?” and to this Owen replies, “Of course! One has to have it to clean the shoot!” Throwing up his arms as he expected Jacob to know this.

            Abigail pulls in the next day to find that the town has a new church since she has last been in Thornhaven. She spots someone sleeping in a van in the Inn parking lot, and feeling nosy, she decides to snoop. She woke Owen up by tapping on the window, which made him jump up and make a lot of noise. This woke Jacob up who was pissed that this was occurring. All the while Cornelia slept like a rock.

            Owen opened the door to greet Abigail and immediately fell out, and made it seem like he meant to do it. Upon introduction, Abigail asked if Jacob was from the town, to which Owen says, “He is a man on a journey just like me. I need coffee now so bad.” After asking the inn-keep, Mr. Thomas had no idea what coffee grounds are and looked really confused after Owen started talking about worshiping the coffee bean.

            Abigail got a key from Mr. Thomas who said she had a striking resemblance before just walking away, leaving his curiosity unanswered. Abigail checked out her room to find only that it was in worse condition than Cornelia’s. Owen and Cornelia spent the morning and afternoon cleaning room #3 to make it livable for a few days at least, and then Abigail came over to inquire whether we could clean her room. Cornelia admitted that she was a bit tired, but offered Abigail the chance to stay in her room with her. After agreeing to Cornelia’s offer, Abigail went to talk to Jacob and found him writing in a journal, to which Jacob reveals his backstory and the journal he is trying to find a clue from.

            Nel noticed Owen and Abigail chillin’ out in Owen’s room having some coffee, and after grabbing her boombox and her big box of cassette tapes, she joins them and asks if she can have some coffee. This leads us all to sharing our backstories and how we all came to be in Thornhaven. Everyone gets into, it though Abigail is being aloof all night, not really offering any answers as to what her past entails or why she has come to this town. Owen picks up on this and inquires to which we all find out that Abigail is actually from this town. Abigail mentions that she is back here looking for her family, though she does not mention anything further.

            Jacob then admits that here is here chasing after his missing colleague, and shows Nel the notes of Dr. Ian, which includes the occult like activities that surround this area. While sharing these details, Nel feels a surge of weird emotions, curiosity, fear, and even the slightest bit of excitement and interest. But things go too far when Owen notices that Abigail slips out the door while this conversation goes on, in which Jacob suspects that the occult like activities are happening here in Thornhaven itself. After Owen speaks up, Nel tells Jacob how insensitive his comments were and leaves to comfort Abigail. Without realizing it, Nel took the journal she was skimming with her. Just after Nel left, Jacob followed as he realized that he utterly fucked up and went to apologize.

            After apologizing, we all went to lunch to snag a bite to eat, where Owen pried the rude lady at the diner of her name. Her name is Meredith. Abigail and Owen stayed behind so Abigail could inquire about the whereabouts of her family. She found that her family has not lived in Thornhaven for at least a decade. Meredith wondered why she was asking to which Abigail fled the scene, trying to remain anonymous. The rest of the day passed without any major events.

            The next morning, we stopped by the diner for brunch where we first heard a radio announcer. Apparently this is linked to a certain time of day, though only Abigail knows this.

Organization of Interest:

Cult of the Waking King

Notable Characters:

Mr. Thomas is the name of the inn-keep

Meredith is the lady who works at the diner

Ken is the radio host






Session 1

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