Owen Nightvale


Owen is from Talahasee, he always had a fascination with the occult and loved to watch re-runs of Scooby Doo and really got into the horror movie scene. Born in 1953 (currently 25, he was 16 when he first watched Scooby Doo). Scooby-Doo got him into the hobby of drawing and aspires to create cartoons at some point involving a gang solving mysteries. He’s now working for a tabloid newspaper that had him move to Sante Fe in New Mexico working for a small newspaper. News stories he wrote primarily focused on the Roswell UFO siting in 47’ as the locals are completely obsessed with it. His boss is absolutely insane.

Obviously the best part:

“Where’s the boy?” His boss says, “Boy, what boy?” the secretary questions, raising a brow in utter confusion. “The boy, the boy!” His boss screams excitedly turning his gaze to look dead at a flabbergasted Owen. Owen has no idea that he himself is indeed the boy that the boss is positively ecstatic to see. In his excitement, he crumbles an envelope in his hand before tossing the balled mess at Owen saying, “You’re new assignment!”

His boss is constantly mixing up everybody’s names in his constant rambling, which leaves all of his employees baffled and startled. However, it is surprising how organized the boss truly is, though pays his employees a random amount of money in a small white envelope. His employees have yet to complain as they are terrified that they will be fired (and sometimes he overpays them, so it all balances out!). Sometimes there is powdered sugar in the envelope which will ultimately lead Own to Thorn Haven.

Character Traits:

Interested in the occult, Owen is constantly wishing to seek out folk lore legends (such as big foot) to prove that this world is full of mystical elements. Nothing puts a smile on his face quite like an interesting lead, something that takes him closer to the mysterious and the unknown!

In his youth, Owen got into a lot of fights. Owen enjoys the thrill of the fight, the surge of adrenaline, the heat of the moment, nothing can relieve stress more than the thrill of competition. He also enjoys the discipline behind the martial arts and is not a complete hothead. Though despite this, he is a crazy reckless driver, especially on country roads.

“Gosh damnit boss, what am I doing?”

“Jinkies!” When Owen discovers something.

Owen moans at the sight of a rare discovery, with lots of “Oohs!” and “Ahhs!”

Owen Nightvale

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