Dr. Jacob Simon


Robert’s character is a criminology professor from the University of Washingston State (in Seattle), got a Ph.D from the university of Chicago. Born and raised in central Alabama (went to University of Alabama for undergrad. Born in 1932 (currently 46 years old) part of the silent generation. Father was a share cropper in the depression (dirt poor farmers), the depression hit his family hard and ever since then he wanted for nothing more than to get outta the south. Served in the Korean War before going to undergraduate studies, the war shook him to the core because of a Chinese assault.


Has a friend in a small town in Idaho and has to pass through Oregon to get there, this is how he ends up in Thorn Haven. Told him about Thorn Haven, he has never stayed more than a few hours in the town. There is a fear of outsiders in the town, the locals give you funny looks when you pass through. His friend only ever stopped for gas and maybe a hot meal while passing through. Dr. Jacob Simon (Robert) is wondering why his friend never showed up to his job at the university, and his concern led him to travel to Idaho to see why his friend has not shown up.

Character Traits:

Growing up in the creeks of Alabama, he did a lot of fishing in his youth. Owns a boat on the Puget Sound in Seattle where he fishes and sails in his off time. He is very self-conscious about the fact that he is from a dirt-poor family from the south after spending so much time in big cities throughout his life. He enjoys puzzles, this is the reason why he took on criminology as a major. Did some work for local law enforcement for occult like activities during the late 60s around the Seattle area. His friends’ area of focus in the major is on religious studies (focusing on the occult). Found a book on his desk at one point about occult movement in the Western United states, has a lot of areas highlighted, but none of these leads have Thorn Haven listed.

He corrects his southern accent quite frequently, and grumbles when this occurs. He does not particularly like folk-lore:

“Oh that’s just local lore crap.”

“Why am I here?”

“Ugh, I could be fishing now, why are you wasting my time!”

Dr. Jacob Simon

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