Cornelia Stockwell


Born: Boston MA (1955)

Born in Boston, Cornelia’s family was caught up in the suburban flight away from the city. She doesn’t remember too much about the apartment where she grew up in her early childhood in the middle of downtown Boston. Growing up, Cornelia experienced the economic hardships her family had to endure as her father and mother struggled to maintain their elaborate style of living that would eventually make them lose their house just as she came of age. During High School, Cornelia dealt with her home problems by being a jokester in high school, earning her the nickname ‘Corny’ from all the puns she made. While many of the students made fun of her for this, she found her click and clung to it sheer determination, wanting nothing more than to express herself at school since she was unable to do so at home. By the time she graduated, her parents had grown ever distant from the economic instability in their home life, and rarely talked during her last year of high school. Her senior year, she found her first job at a local deli and worked there frequently just to avoid being away from her toxic home life. Just before her father lost the house which soon led to her parents getting divorced, her father decided to buy a brand-new Mustang, trying to keep up his image even though none of them could afford it. To this day, she has never forgiven him for that stupidity and has only really stayed in contact with her mother since then.

When she turned 18, Cornelia got her alcohol license so she could earn more tending bars, and soon after getting her first bar tending job, she moved out (just before her parents lost the house). During her first few years, she found that tending bars was grueling work as many of the patrons were sexist men who had no capability of keeping their hands to themselves. Worried that one day things might get out of control, she took self defense lessons and started working out at the local gym twice a week so that she would be ready if any bullshit arose. In 1977 a new club opened down the road from her current job at that time, a disco club known as ‘Hazy Galaxy’ to which she applied for immediately as she absolutely adored ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and wanted something new in her life. What she found was the best experience she had ever had in her life. Every night was filled with groovy music, fantastic divas, and overall a good fun crowd of people.

Unfortunately, her job there only lasted a year as a tragic kitchen fire burned down the club. Though mourning the loss in her own way, Cornelia could not sit still and wanted nothing more than to find another path in her life. Since she saved up quite a bit tending the bar at the club, she decided to move to Seattle, wanting a change of pace and scenery. On the way, she decided to alter her path slightly to visit a good friend of hers who she met at the nightclub half a year ago who lives in Portland, which took her on the side road which led her to that dreadful location that could claim her very life, the creepy village of Thorn Haven.

Cornelia Stockwell

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